2016 Critical issues forum:  House of Comms

Breakthroughs in technology and digital will continue to transform all human activity.  How can PR professionals adapt to the radical changes to come, and lead the transformation, as our whole industry is transforming?.....  by developing an appetite and appreciation for the totally new, and the uncomfortably unfamiliar.  Join us as we continue our exploration of The PR Genome project by investigating the profession’s new reality and what’s at stake if we don’t get it right.


Since 2002, top PR agency execs and corporate communications and marketing executives have gathered for the PR Council’s signature annual event.

One of the calling cards for this program has been the top shelf talent on display.  Speakers that are among the more respected in their fields have dazzled and delighted, pontificated and provoked.

The headliner that first year was Mike McCurry, fresh off a successful stint as Bill Clinton’s White House Press Secretary.  In 2004, NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams talked Bush vs. Kerry days before the election. In 2009, CNN’s David Gergen delivered a powerful message to business on restoring trust and confidence in the aftermath of the '08 economic crisis.  At the 2010 Critical Issues Forum, Procter & Gamble’s top marketer Marc Pritchard declared, “PR is the most authentic form of marketing.”

In 2014, the forum introduced 'The PR Genome Project' to examine and explore what's next in PR.  The past two years, leading thinkers from business, media and politics, start-ups and established brands alike, have debated and discussed the future of content marketing and native advertising, the latest in technology affecting communications, and data-driven communications.